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1945 Autocar U7144T

Brad M - 1945 Autocar U7144T

Recently extracted from OKC this unit is in a fast track to be operational and painted by History Alive Weekend 2016. Currently running with a few areas to address such as radiator. Already have purchased tires, blasted and painted rims, and slowly recovering the registration numbers.

Dodge Wc12

Purchased from New Mexico while on vacation and hauled to Texas, this unit will be into restoration shortly and added to Educational Program.

Chad B - Dodge WC-12

2021-12-18 12.47.40.jpg

Brad M - 1943 Dodge WC-54 Ambulance


John S - 1941 WC4


David D - WC64KD Ambulance


Chad B - Halftrack

More Member Images Coming Soon

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