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Camp Howze MVPA


The Camp Howze MVPA is a 501(c)3 non-profit chapter of a group of individuals who have been active in various events to support education and honor the many veterans from all wars to present. We all individually love to show off the restored many historical military vehicles and historical military items that are in the Cooke County and West Grayson County area.


As Gainesville Texas and surrounding area has so much history, we identified a need for a local MVPA chapter to be based in Gainesville Texas to achieve some goals for our future events planned.


The local chapter will be an organized group that can add to and support the efforts of the community when involving our Military Past, Present and Future and to help educate the current generation with Americas history of the Greatest Generation. designers.


Our group not only participates in many of the standard events such as parades and displays, we  are active in the film and documentary of this equipment and historical timeframe of events.


We have several programs that we offer from our school educational program "History Alive" to our "Reach a Veteran" program which has various features including conducting oral histories, Veteran support services, and Veteran social events.


WWII Soldier

- Camp Howze MVPA -

Meetings Scheduled Monthly, Date/Time Varies

Contact us if interested

Camp Howze MVPA 2024 Officers


The Camp Howze MVPA is a 501(c)4 non-profit chapter with a group of individuals that  have annual elections and select individuals to fill roles within the chapter. Although our entire membership is an active part of the chapter and is what allows us to be involved as we are.

Chad Bayer - President & Lauren Bayer - Secretary


Chad and Lauren are both very active in the club making majority of all meetings and events. They have helped all others in their restoration efforts and play a large role in the outreach of the club and very involved in the Veteran Program. They have the 1943 GMC CCKW Compressor Truck "Lee Roy", the 1941 Dodge WC-4, and most recent purchases of a Dodge WC-12, Ford GPW, and Dodge WC-51.

Additionally Lauren heads up the Veterans Program and oversees the outreach and mailing to all veterans in our program.


Ben Locke -Vice President

Ben has been with the group since the beginning and has participated and supported like no other member. Ben with his Scout Car "Rollin Thunder" make many events and has won many awards at Car Shows, Parades, and the alike. He continually is working on adding gear and enhancing the Scout Car. He has provided great support and interaction when at events and school education programs.


Paul Knutson - Treasurer


Paul has been a great addition to the group with his family and Jeep. They make majority of our events and are great brand ambassadors for Camp Howze MVPA as he participates in many other events. He also assist us in our Non-Profit Status, Taxes, and Fundraising/Grants Division. He has a great love for the history of the vehicles and equipment and the veterans.

David Hart - Chaplain


David is the Patriarch of the group and was first involved with military vehicles many years ago with the purchase and restoration of the Halftrack know so well as "Sylvia". Now he is completing his closed Cab CCKW 352 Troop Truck. He is our Chaplain not only for our chapter; but is an Associate Pastor, and has a true personal drive for the hearts and souls of our wonderful military veterans that have committed their life to protect the people.

Brad Meeks - Editor and Public Relations Officer


Brad currently is Self-Employed and proud owner of couple restored pieces. He has the 1942 CCKW 353 and the 1942 WC-52 that participate in majority of the events. He has a recent purchase of a 1945 Autocar and is in restoration process with his son on a 1944 Jeep Medic Jeep. Brad lead the School Program efforts and is the public voice for the group.

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