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Camp Howze MVPA is a non-profit 501c3 that is a group of Living Historians focused on our Educational Program of WWII History. We have a great collection of Historic Military Vehicles, basically a rolling Military Museum. Below are Images of our Active Members Vehicles.

These are the vehicles that are able to make regular events, Available for School Programs and more,be on the lookout for some of these at our next club event! Many are under restoration, and we are also having new members join as well so this list will continue to grow !

WWII Medic Jeep

Brad M - 1944 Ford GPW


Chad B - 1944 Ford "Follow Me" Jeep


Pat K - 1943 Willys MB


Paul K - 1945 Willys Jeep

2022-04-21 09.33.42.jpg

Ron M - 1952 M38A1 Jeep

1941 Dodge WC4

Chad B - 1941 Dodge WC-4

1942 Plymotu Staff Car

Kenny B - 1942 Plymouth Staff Car

2022-11-11 09.33.22.jpg

Chad B - 1945 M29C Weasel

2022-11-11 09.32.31.jpg

Chuck T - Dodge M37

2022-11-11 09.32.43.jpg

Rick J - 1952 Dodge M37

Brad M - 1942 CCKW


Ben L - 1941 Scout Car

1941 Scout Car
1943 GMC Compressor Truck

Chad B - 1943 CCKW Compressor Truck

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