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New Year 2024

Camp Howze MVPA is already planning a BIG Year! Many Events including a large October Event her in Gainesville Texas! We have several Sponsors onboard working to help us achieve our Mission in 2024. Keep eye out on our Calendar to see what's coming up!

Current Sponsors of our 2024 Program:

American Legion Auxiliary - Lake Kiowa

VFW Post 1922 - Gainesville

Our 2024 Event with the MVPA and Jefferson Highway Convoy is also in the works and we are securing Corporate Sponsors for our 2024 Calendar year.

We have Sponsorship Packages that we will be glad to discuss if you are interested.

Camp Howze MVPA - Support of the UNT Camp Howze Online Museum
Built by a team of undergraduate and graduate students at the University of North Texas in Denton, the online museum tells the history of the camp and the people who served, trained, and worked there; insight into the lived experiences of the German prisoners of war who were imprisoned at Camp Howze; the effects the camp had on the communities around it; and how the camp has been remembered and preserved by the community and its people in the years and decades since it was decommissioned. If you would like to learn more GO HERE!

Camp Howze MVPA was very pleased to assist in the great undertaking from our events, museum displays, history alive weekends, collections, and more to offer photos, videos, and documentation added the this great online museum!
See what we was able to contribute directly

Camp Howze MVPA
Check out the Video on our YOUTUBE Channel.  Click on image below to see the video. Please also Subscribe to the channel for all the upcoming content. If you see the efforts and support our goal for Education of the Future and Honoring the Past then let us know. Like Video and forward to friends. 

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_DSF1768 Wings Over Dallas 2021 Irident-HDR-Pano.jpg

Photo by our Photographer friend, Mark Lenz

This Site is an information and communication source for members of the Camp Howze MVPA. We are a like minded group of Living History participants and Military Vehicle enthusiasts focused on Educating and Veteran Services..


Individually we strive to preserve and restore a part of history through military vehicles. We enjoy displaying our vehicles and being involved in the public as they experience these pieces that we worked so hard to restore. Collectively  we are  and focused on the Education of this generation and honoring the Greatest Generation. We can accomplish these goals along with the collection, restoration, display and operation of our military vehicles, equipment and gear. We are a structured 501(c)3 non-profit club dedicated to Education of the Public about the Soldiers, Gear and Vehicles that fought for Freedom we have.


We are involved and have a passion for the education of our younger generations as well as touching the lives and reaching out to our military veterans. We offer several programs for each the student education and the Veterans we honor. Please enjoy this site and contact us for any of our programs, events, membership, or request. We also have a Facebook page you can visit us for more frequent information here.


Check our our events page for upcoming events and our FaceBook page for more frequent news!

We had a large encampment and appearance at the Wings Over Dallas Event in 2017, 2018, 2019, and now 2021. 

Check out our Facebook for pictures and updates.

WWII Compressor Truck Demonstration
American Flag

2 Tim 2:3
Thou therfore endure hardness, as a good soldier of Jesus Christ.

Wings over DallasWWII Camp
Interested in Having Camp Howze MVPA appearance at your event? Download, Complete and submit the form today!
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